Official Bio

“It’s Our Time down here...” - Mikey Walsh, The Goonies

From the town of Cherryvale in the Southeast corner of Kansas best known for its connection to “I Love Lucy” and “The Bloody Benders”, EdgeOverEdge carries that same sensibility of polar extremes... beautiful and brutal, humorous and dead-pan serious, instantly familiar yet uniquely themselves. This is EdgeOverEdge. EdgeOverEdge is a Hard Rock / Metal trio out of Cherryvale, KS. Blending the punishing, groove laden riffs of metal with some southern oriented licks; vocals ranging from soulful to full on monster and a rhythm section that rolls deep and hard, they've been playing local and regional festivals and clubs. EdgeOverEdge has made a name for themselves as being a straight forward, diversified rock machine... with a bit of a sense of humor.
Zachary Lyon - Drums & Backing Vocals // Quentin Austin - Bass & Backing Vocals // Mathew Austin - Vocals & Guitar // Darryel Rockey - Guitar